What to wear to Wimbledon: Outfit ideas and style rules to inspire your courtside look

Our guide on what to wear to Wimbledon will help you enjoy the sporting season in style…

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As one of the biggest sporting events of the summer kicks off, the question of what to wear to Wimbledon rears its sartorial head once again.

When it comes to deciding on a courtside outfit, there are a number of demands that are levied against your look. Easy enough to compile from your capsule wardrobe, unlike what to wear to the races, your Wimbledon outfit should be chic and discreet. A day at Wimbledon can be long, depending on whether you've already bagged your seats, plan to queue or are simply heading to the area to soak up the atmosphere, so comfort is high on the priority list. However, that doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. From a pair of tailored trousers and your best blazer, to the best dresses, lead with classic wardrobe essentials that exude elegance. 

While there are no hard and fast style rules and no color demands, in the way you have at what to wear to a funeral, there are certain discreet codes of conduct it is wise to follow. Hats are generally discouraged, as they can block other spectators views, so how to wear hats is one you can leave firmly for when you're next deciding what to wear to a wedding. However if you really want pretty head accessories, working out how to wear headbands, that aren't too ostentatious will work for this occasion. In terms of color, the world is your oyster. From the fashion color trends 2022 to embracing bright color clothes, you can wear whatever tones you want to Wimbledon, however many choose to stick to light and bright summer colors, particularly Wimbledon whites, reflecting the players on the court. 

What to wear to Wimbledon - outfit ideas from a fashion editor

One of the chicest sporting events of the season, when it comes to what to wear to Wimbledon you want easy tailored pieces, pretty summer dresses and stylish footwear that will make the day a breeze. You might also want to consider some elements of layering, as although it is held during British summertime, the weather can roll its way through all seasons in one day, sometimes even halting play with a deluge of rain. 

1. Midi dress

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The best midi dresses are a great option for winning Wimbledon style. Comfortable, effortlessly elegant and getting you dressed in an instant, this is a one-stop-shop to courtside style. When it comes to silhouette, you will want to start with considering your own body type and what dress style works for you both sitting and standing. Remember you might be sat for long periods of time, so you'll want to make sure your outfit doesn't crease too much (avoid linen) and that it doesn't become too tight across stomach and hips when sat. 

2. Blazer

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A well tailored blazer is always a good investment and can solve a multitude of sartorial meltdowns. As dressing smartly is encouraged at Wimbledon, a good blazer not only acts as a warming layering piece, but it also adds instant polish to pretty much any look. Paired with smart trousers it offers a more androgynous feel, that will also work for what to wear to an interview, however, you can easily slide a blazer over a pretty midi dress to sharpen up a more feminine and floaty silhouette. Opting for a blazer in a neutral color will ensure it can be worn year after year. 

3. Jumpsuit

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A flattering jumpsuit is ideal for those who still want to execute one-piece dressing but prefer a more tailored finish. If you've always opted for the jumpsuits over a dresses due to thigh rub however, then you should investigate the best anti chafing shorts, as this will help to end this wardrobe dilemma. A great jumpsuit can work for everything from a Wimbledon outfit to what to wear to a bridal shower, and a block color iteration, or a classic print will never go out of style. As the day can be long, warm and ultimately a lot of sitting, opt for looser fit designs and wide legs to keep cool and comfortable. A great silhouette for pear-shaped bodies, a wide leg design will skim hips, while for larger busts, the design will help to balance proportions. For apple body shapes looking for a smart jumpsuit to wear to Wimbledon and beyond, opt for more tailored designs with higher cut waists to skim over a midriff. 

4. Skirts

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Err on the side of caution and opt for knee length and midi designs. While there is no dress code per se, there is a leaning towards smarter attire and as you'll be sitting for the majority of the day, you don't want to be fiddling with hemlines. Opt for A-line, fit and flare and pleated designs for occasionwear elegance that will also skim thighs and flatter stomachs. To help create an hourglass body shape, utilize styling techniques such as tucking in tops and blouses, or a half-tuck to bring shape back to your waist. Use a blazer to create a central, elongated panel and add polish to your finished Wimbledon look. 

5. Trousers

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Similarly to the best jumpsuits, when it comes to trousers for Wimbledon, you'll want to opt for a fabric that won't crease heavily. High waisted styles will help to contour your silhouette and for those who usually prefer stylish dresses to hide a tummy, a high-waisted trouser will act as some of the best shapewear, offering added support to your midriff. If you often opt for the best petite jeans, when it comes to trouser shapes look for kick flares and ankle-skimming hem lines to help elongate your pins. For taller silhouettes looking to balance wider hips or a bigger bust, then a wider leg trouser will aid your proportions. For apple body shapes, a slimmer fitting leg will avoid adding bulk to your frame.

6. Tops

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When considering what to wear to Wimbledon, if you're opting for smart separates, then we suggest keeping your top half relatively simple. While the event itself is certainly one worth dressing up for, it's a good idea to consider the comfort levels needed during the day. Although there are no rules against exposing shoulders, as smart clothing is encouraged, we suggest leaving midriff baring items for more casual weekends. Consider the amount of time you'll spend in the sunshine, as you might want to opt for light and floaty tops that have shoulder and arm coverage to avoid burning. Equally, if the weather suddenly gets chilly, an easily accessible additional layer, such as a sweater will come in very handy. When it comes to color, keep it fresh and light, opting for neutral hued blouses and tees or soft pastel tones to reflect the tennis players attire and mood of the occasion. 

7. Shoes

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Unlike race day, where there is a mix of grass and concrete, the terrain at Wimbledon is pretty flat, so if you want to wear your favorite heels, there should be no barrier to this. However, the days at Wimbledon can be very long and depending on if you're queuing for tickets or if your sitting center court, your needs for comfort will differ. The shoe trends 2022 are packed with varied styles, so whether you want some sleek flat sandals, smart loafers or to go for a more sporty style tennis shoe, as long as you veer towards well maintained, polished or clean shoes, be led by your outfit choice and practicality on the day.  

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