The best places to visit in November in the USA, Europe and beyond

These destinations provide sunshine, beautiful scenery and extraordinary cuisine, making them the best places to visit in November

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Flee the chilly winds, rain-soaked days and dark nights with a holiday to somewhere sunny with our guide on the best places to visit in November.

November is a perfect time to travel if you're not bound by school holidays as you can beat the crowds and enjoy off-peak travel rates. However, if you're seeking sunshine, you need to be strategic about where you visit as autumn starts to fold into winter in Europe and across the Northern Hemisphere. Luckily, there's still sun to be found in all parts of the world.

Our list includes some of the best places to visit in Europe, from the best Greek islands to cosmopolitan European city breaks, as well as far-flung destinations, home to some of the world's most beautiful hotels

As ever, always check the latest travel guidance before you travel. After countless lockdowns and heavy restrictions on travel since 2020, the world has largely opened up again for holidays - but entry rules, as well as Covid vaccine requirements, will vary across different countries.

Our pick of the 11 best places to visit in November

UK staycations are great, but they just don't cut the mustard if you want to avoid the winter cold. Instead, head to one of these countries where it's hot in November and the sun awaits. 

1. La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain

La Gomera in Spain in November

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Best November holiday for: A sunny island escape

Average temperature in November: Highs of 21°C

Fancy visiting a subtropical paradise without the long-haul schlep? The Canary Islands may be just the ticket. A four-hour flight from the UK will transport you to these volcanic gems which boast a clement temperature all year round. 

Strike out to La Gomera (reached by ferry from Tenerife), a demure island that boasts a spectacular landscape of deep rocky ravines, unspoiled lush rainforests and tiny hilltop villages. The island, which has been spared the ravages of mass tourism, maintains highs of mid-20s in November, meaning this time of year is an excellent time to explore the island's stunning coastal and mountain walking routes (just don't forget to pack your best walking shoes!)

Try some serious hiking in the beautiful Parque National de Garajonay, with its endless trails through pristine forests and along flowing rivers, relax on one of the many fabulous volcanic beaches, and spend your nights admiring the twinkling constellations - with little light pollution, the starry skies are a joy to behold.

Top tip: Don't expect balmy summer evenings - temperatures drop at night, so remember to bring some cozy cover-ups and pack lots of layers. 

See the latest official tourism travel advice for Spain here (opens in new tab).

2. Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh in Morocco in November

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Best November holiday for: A hot and sunny holiday that will invigorate the senses

Average temperature in November: Highs of 23°C

Just a 3.5-hour flight from London, Marrakesh is an excellent option for a November holiday, especially as it's still pretty warm at this time of year. 

You won't be short of things to do in Marrakesh which makes this a great holiday for those who want more than a comfortable sun-lounger next to a pool.

Get lost (in a good way) in the heady sights, sounds and scents of the Medina in the center of this splendid old Islamic capital. Test your best bartering skills in the souks, where you can buy anything from spices and pungent incense to gorgeous handmade leather bags and shoes. 

The Bahia Palace, with its incredible intricate tiling, plasterwork and extravagantly marbled grand court, is a must-see and the Majorelle Garden is a must-visit if you want a tranquil escape from the bustling Medina. 

Top tip: When booking a trip to Marrakesh, consider staying right in the Medina itself in one of the traditional Riads that have been given a luxe makeover for foreign tourists.

See the latest official tourism travel advice for Morocco here (opens in new tab).

3. Seville, Spain

Seville in Spain in November

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Best November holiday for: A sunny trip with plenty of sights to see

Average temperature in November: Highs of 20°C

Basking in year-round sunshine, Seville is blissful in November. Scorching hot during summer, the milder autumn/winter temperatures mean that savoring the joys of the city is possible without risking heatstroke, and it’s wonderful to simply relax in the shade of an orange-tree-filled plaza and take it all in.

Take your time marveling at the stunning Mudéjar architecture, enjoy impromptu flamenco dancing (a bucket list must), and sample the fabulous food in the myriad of tapas restaurants. Visit tiny hole-in-the-wall bars for a Vermouth or a caña or two, then wander the tiny streets of Barrio Santa Cruz. A visit to La Geralda, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, with its Moorish-Christian bell tower is highly recommended.

Top tip: Venture outside the city to verdant parks and gorgeous beaches - check out Matalascanas, with its white dunes and ruined watchtower. 

See the latest official tourism travel advice for Spain here (opens in new tab).

4. Kenya

Best November holiday for: Animal lovers and adventure seekers

Average temperature in November: Highs of 23°C

Head to Kenya for a safari adventure in November to take advantage of cheaper rates, sparse crowds, and an abundance of baby animals. You might need to pack waterproofs as there is typically some rainfall at this time of year, but this can actually enhance your experience, as Moon Hough, owner of Safari Series (opens in new tab), a private camp on Lolldaiga Hills, explains.

“Often Kenya is overlooked as November is traditionally the 'short rains' - this means that there is typically around 1-2 hours of rain per day. It also means that prices for safari are much lower (also known as 'green season') and the wildlife interactions can be more exciting due to an abundance of babies being born, lots more extra grass (and things to eat!) and less visitors around,” she tells us.

“As a tented safari camp owner in Kenya, November is one of my favorite times to go on safari and I am always recommending it for the sunny, warm days (despite the short rain burst, the rest of the day is hot) and beautiful scenes, colors and wildlife you can find then.”

To really experience the specular landscapes and nature, explore the vast territories surrounding Mount Kenya - together with Amboseli National Park, the Maasai Mara National Reserve and Watamu, this area is considered very safe. 

“Maasai Mara is incredible in November - it is empty which is so unusual for the Mara. I recommend Emboo Camp, a fully eco-lodge that has the only electric safari vehicles,” says Moon. Or for a full luxury experience, book into one of the world's best hotels, the Mahali Mzuri luxury safari camp. During your visit, tour a local Maasai village and explore the Masai Mara National Reserve, home to over 95 species of mammals and over 570 recorded species of birds.

Top tip: Pack for all weathers - although there will be bursts of rain, temperatures can hit 30°C during the day. If this is your first safari, consider booking a guided or group tour with a travel expert who can organize your itinerary, tailored to you.

See the latest official tourism travel advice for Kenya here (opens in new tab).

5. Florida, USA

Florida in the USA pictured when it is hot in November

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Do you need travel insurance?

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Best November holiday for: Thrill-seeking sunshine

Average temperature in November: Highs of 25-27°C

With the kids back at school, November is a great time to hit Orlando's best theme parks - of which there are many, including Disney World, Universal Studios and Epcot. But if you're not a thrill-seeker, don't be put off: there is something in Florida for everyone. 

The state is home to St Pete Beach, the top-rated beach in the USA according to TripAdvisor users. With its long stretches of powdery sand, it's ripe for sunbathing at this time of year. If you're looking for some culture, Miami is the party capital and has some of the world's coolest art deco architecture. If you want to escape the city and lose yourself in nature, take the 3.5 hour drive to Florida Keys, a string of tropical islands. For a complete lux experience, you can rent private island East Sister Rock Island. Prices start from $1700/night with a 7-night minimum stay.

If you are traveling with younger children or extended family, check out our travel tips for a family holiday in Florida.

Top tip: Hire a car. Good, wide highways and clear signposting for attractions, theme parks and resorts make driving a stress-free experience. Plus, there really is no other way to get around unless you fork out on cabs, so hiring a car is essential.

See the latest official tourism travel advice for the USA here (opens in new tab).

Tourist exploring Chichen-Itza archaeological site

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Best November holiday for: Fragrant food and fabulous resorts

Average temperature in November: 23°C

Forget fajitas, burritos and margaritas. The Mexican food you think you know isn't really Mexican at all. Which is why you should head to the country in November – to taste some of the fresh, zingy cuisine and enjoy the local spirit of choice: tequila. 

On the west coast of Mexico, you'll find resorts aplenty around the Yucatan and Cancun, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the country's most interesting ruins from thousands-year-old civilizations. 

On the east coast, however, things get a little more exclusive. Head to Montage Los Cabos (opens in new tab), a stunning resort with numerous pools, spectacular dining experiences and stunning suites well worth shelling out for. The five-star hotel has its own beach and bay, ideal for sunning yourself, swimming, snorkeling or even kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. Plus, there are multiple pools with sunbeds too, so you'll never miss an opportunity to relax.

Top tip: Take a day away from sunbathing in the resort to visit the massive ruined pyramids and old Mayan palaces at Teotihuacan, Monte Albán, Palenque, Uxmal or Chichén Itzá. If you're traveling solo in Mexico, consider booking an escorted tour for solo travelers as the itinerary and accommodation will be planned for you.

See the latest official travel advice for Mexico here (opens in new tab).

7. Oman

A picture of Oman for a w&h feature on where to visit in november

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Best November holiday for: Desert dwelling

Average temperature in November: 26°C

The Middle East is balmy year-round, but November's temperatures are best in Oman with an average of 26°C in the capital Muscat. This safe, stable Middle Eastern country is seriously underrated and often loses out to its more popular neighbor, Dubai. But with more than 1,000 miles of unspoiled sandy beaches, it’s one of the best-kept secrets for a hot November retreat.  

There’s so much to see and do in this intriguing country, from exploring grand mosques in the ancient capital Muscat, to ‘wadi bashing’ in a 4WD along river beds and rocky valleys. Head into the mountains with a guide to walk breathtaking trails (Jebel Akhdar is fantastic for hiking), or spend a night under the inexplicably starry sky at a luxury desert campsite. It's no wonder that Oman was picked as one of our best places to travel in 2022.

Top tip: Visit during Oman’s National Day (18 November) and join in the celebrations, which include traditional dancing and camel racing.

See the latest official travel advice for Oman here (opens in new tab).

8. Thailand

Thailand's Mu Ko Ang National Park, one the best places to visit in November

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Best November holiday for: Tropical beaches and breathtaking temples 

Average temperature in November: 31°C

If you’re looking for an affordable luxury destination, look no further than Thailand, as November welcomes the start of the country’s dry season meaning that blazing sunshine is a guarantee.

“If you’re looking to escape the gloomy November weather, there is no better time to visit Thailand. November marks the start of the country’s dry season, making it the perfect time to explore Thailand’s breathtaking temples, Islands and rich culture, discovering the best the country has to offer on a once in a lifetime trip,” says solo travel expert Erika de Santi, co-founder of WeRoad (opens in new tab).

If you have time to spare, allow two weeks for your trip and travel around the country, soaking in the vibrant sights and sounds of the buzzing metropolis of Bangkok, before heading south to visit some of the country’s stunning islands and national parks.

Erika recommends visiting Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine National Park, “an archipelago of 42 paradise-like islands, this national park boasts pristine, blue lagoons, secret coves and nomadic villages.”

“It’s the best place to discover Thailand’s natural wonders and most spectacular viewpoints,” she continues. “The park is a protected area away from mass tourism where travelers can snorkel, relax on white-sand beaches and be on the lookout for dolphins, before setting up camp and sleeping under the starry vista of the Thai night sky."

Top tip: Full moon parties are back in full swing this year, so if you want to avoid the revelry, avoid Koh Phangan in the days surrounding the party in November (this year taking place on Tuesday 8 November). Always carry cash, especially if you’re traveling to off-grid locations or remote islands.

See the latest official tourism travel advice for Thailand here (opens in new tab).

9. San Diego, USA

A picture of San Diego in the USA in November

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Best November holiday for: A sunny city break

Average temperature in November: 21°C

Often ignored in favor of its big, glitzy neighbor - Los Angeles - San Diego is actually a brilliant, little-known city break. With its position near the Mexican border, they've got classic SoCal sunshine and a laid-back vibe that will immediately make you feel at ease.

It's all about cocktails and coastlines here, especially at Level2 in Georges at the Cove (opens in new tab), which overlooks the ocean. Spend some time in Balboa Park enjoying the shade, or take a hike through Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve if you're feeling active.

Top tip: There's great shopping around South Park and North Park, and if you want to get really adventurous it's easy to hop over the border to Tijuana in Mexico.

See the latest official tourism travel advice for the USA here (opens in new tab).

10. Mauritius

Mauritius island, one of w&h's picks for where to travel in november

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Best November holiday for: Long-haul luxury

Average temperature in November: 24°C

Things start to warm up nicely in Mauritius in November when the average sea temperature is a balmy 25 degrees. Relax on one of the island’s countless picture-postcard beaches and snorkel in turquoise coral-filled lagoons – Mauritius is surrounded by a barrier reef, so it’s perfect for divers.

Be sure to pay a visit the famous botanical gardens, as well as the beautiful forested, mountainous interior, looking out for flying foxes at dusk.

The melting pot of Creole, French, English, Indian and Chinese cultures makes Mauritius a unique place to explore. A visit to the party town of Grand Baie is a must, with its great restaurants, shops and its buzzing nightlife.

By day, travel expert and senior marketing manager at Experiencegift (opens in new tab), Rachael Forster recommends 'walking under the sea.' 

"Scuba diving and snorkeling are not the only ways to explore the sea. Have you ever tried to take a walk underneath the sea?" she asks. "Don't miss your chance to enjoy being on the ocean floor, wearing a helmet to let you breathe while you will be exploring the marine life and the marvelous corals that are housed there."

Immerse yourself in the 3-4 meter deep crystal clear lagoon and experience near-weightlessness as you walk on the ocean bed - it's a truly unique experience. 

Top tip: Book a room on the beach at Salt Mauritius (opens in new tab), an adult-only boutique hotel with fabulous food.

See the latest official advice for travel to Mauritius here (opens in new tab).


11. Crete, Greece

A picture of Crete in Greece, included in w&h's guide to where to travel in November

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Best November holiday for: Sun-drenched scenery 

Average temperature in November: 17°C

One of the southernmost Greek islands, Crete boasts a mild climate even in the winter months. With peak-season crowds gone, November provides a perfect opportunity to explore the island’s history, scenery and wineries.

You can simply relax on the empty beaches (we recommend Elafonisi, on the west coast - it is one of the finest in Greece thanks to its pristine pink sand and crystal clear waters). But, if you want to get out and about, the sights of the island are spectacular no matter what the weather, from the ancient city of Knossos to the Venetian harbor of Chania. The tavernas and bars are buzzing all year round in the larger cities and towns. Meanwhile, Elounda is a sound choice if you're traveling with young children, scoring a place in our guide to the best family holiday resorts in Europe, owing to its upmarket but family-friendly hotels. 

At the local tavernas try Dakos, a tomato-based salad built on top of twice-baked barley bread. The Cretan tomatoes teamed with crumbly cheese, capers, and fresh herbs will truly awaken your taste buds. 

Top tip: For a holiday memory with a difference, why not lend a helping hand to the olive pickers? November is peak harvest season and the experience can be booked through Hand Picked Greece (opens in new tab).

See the latest official travel advice for tourists to Greece here (opens in new tab).

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